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Fine Arts

The Churchville-Chili Central School District has a strong history of excellence in the arts and believes that an arts education plays an integral role in providing a complete and holistic educational experience.

The visual arts are an important and essential aspect of a complete education in the Churchville-Chili Central School District. The K-12 art department provides a comprehensive standards-based program which showcases our students in our annual K-12 Art Shows.

The district is a leader in music education in Monroe County and has distinguished itself throughout the years at local, state, national and international events. Our commitment is to bring the finest possible music education to our students throughout the school year and promote a lifelong love of and involvement in music. Our concerts, theatrical productions and annual Community Music Festival are all much-anticipated events in the community.

For additional information on our district's Fine Arts Program and the many options available to your child in the future, please see the CCCSD Fine Arts Program


Elementary Art

Art provides students with the opportunity to learn, explore and create.  It allows for creative expression and requires problem-solving and critical thinking. It builds self-confidences, helps students appreciate differences in others and gives them an understanding of the world around them through an artistic lens. 

Elementary Art Skills

  • Understanding color families and relationships

  • Developing fine motor coordination
  • Drawing and understanding proportion
  • Creating in a variety of mediums and with a variety of materials
  • Exploring and connecting to the community and world through art making and exploration

Ariana D'Angelo
K-4 General Art Teacher

Elementary Music

Students in kindergarten through fourth grade participate in general music. In general music, students are encouraged to sing, dance, play musical instruments and music games, compose music, listen to music from other cultures and learn to appreciate the importance of music in our lives. We work on basic musical concepts such as keeping a steady beat, playing with a group, music note reading, singing in tune, matching pitches and playing instruments with good technique. 

All third grade students participate in chorus weekly and perform in a winter and spring concert. Our fourth grade students have the opportunity to sing and perform in the chorus, as well as play an instrument in the fourth grade band or orchestra. 

All music activities are adapted to suit the needs of different grade levels and students' abilities, and all students are respected and encouraged to do their best. The music room is a safe place where students gain important social skills such as taking turns, sharing, working with partners, listening and being a good role model.

Our goal is to encourage all students to develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts and to embrace music as an expressive and creative outlet.

Headshot of Amber Nellett

Amber Nellett
K-4 General Music & Grade 3 Chorus

Marni Kerr
K-4 General Music & Grade 4 Orchestra

Brittany Valente
K-4 General Music, Grade 4 Chorus & Band